Paul is especially proud to be endorsed by supporters with widely varying personal backgrounds and political views, including current and former members from each of Natick’s elected Boards and Committees. 

Local government is non-partisan, and despite winning his first term on the Select Board as an “outsider,” Paul has proven himself to be an objective listener and respectful leader for the whole community.

We welcome you to add your name to the list as Paul continues to advocate for One Natick! 

Paul is Endorsed by: 

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Paul and Jackie Waters Adams

Benjamin A. Aguirre

Jay and Erica “Ricky” Ball*

Dennis Barr

Saul Berelowitz

Kathy Branagan

Stew Brandt

John Brown

Mary Burke

Sue and Mike Carr

Lou Carrier

Beth and Bill Chandler

Barbara Chinetti

Anne Continelli

Kathryn Coughlin

Dick and Beth Cugini

Chris D’Antonio

Judy D’Antonio

Scott and Lori Davis

Bruce and Terri Evans

Artie Fair

Jonathan Freedman

Charlene and Frank Foss

Evan Fox

Denise Girardan

Matt and Dori Gittlitz

Liane Glen

Elliot Goodman

Joel and Heather Haskell

Mike Hickey

Annette Hines

James and Diane Howard

Mary and Ed Hudson

Kathy and Bill Jackson

Randy Johnson

Lena, Noah, and Ali Joseph

Mark Kelleher

Barbara and Joseph Keefe

David and Carol Krentzman

Sandra LaFleur

Scott Laughlin*

Steven Levinsky*

Alicia Doyle Lynch*

Mike Mabardy

Nick Mabardy

Richard Macpherson

David Margil

Paula and Matt McCue

John McLaughlin

Andy Meyer

John Moran

Catherine Morley-McLaughlin

Gopa Mukherjee

John and Aimee Mury

Maureen “Moe” Nguyen

Gary Pease

Jan Phlegar

Bill and Gwenyth Ramage

Andy Raneri

Firkins Reed*

George Richards

Arthur Robert

Dana and Dori Ross

Maryann and Mike Rourke*

Leo Ryan

Peter and Mara Salis

Mark St. Hilaire

Deb Sayre

Joanne Schmalenberger

Patti Gaudet Sciarra

Sue Shea

Adam Schwarz

Eric Stich

Shirley Sticka

Suzanne Stumpf

Brenda Castillo Swaim

Jeanette and Wayne Szretter

David and Michele Toomey

Greg Tutuny

Vi Tutuny

Kristine Van Amsterdam

Stephen Vance

Bob Vierling

Adrienne and Heather Walker

Rich Whalen

Emily and Kat Whitten*

Aileen Zogby

*Member of “Committee to Elect Paul Joseph”